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This book will be a ‘need to have’ for young adults, but everyone will enjoy it.


You do not need to be a sci-fi fan, or a time-traveling fan to love this book. Does it help? Absolutely. But each story is so good all on it's own, that I guarantee everyone will find at least ten that they love.

-Good Choice Reading

The timeline as we know it meets the cruel tendencies of the tourists, and the tourists meet the cruel tendencies of time. Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel is an excellent pick of short fiction, highly recommended.

-Midwest Book Review

When looking at it as a whole, I have to describe the book as being, well, my seven year old sister hyped up on Halloween candy, two sodas, and more pop tarts than are healthy for her, or maybe a crowd of very vocal people with ADD and very, very conflicting opinions.

-Simply Nerdy Book Reviews

There is a real quirky energy to the book, with well-written prose and subtle humour. Each story manages to convey the intended message with great delivery and there are some really interesting ideas presented here. Selected Shorts and other Methods of Time Travel is a great collection of time travel short stories, quirky, fun and above all a great read.

-SciFi & Fantasy Books

This book was AMAZING!! I was sad when it was over. I really enjoyed all of the stories that were in here. If you ever read and enjoyed Aesop's Fables as a child, you will love Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel as an adult.

Librarything Early Reviewer

An ADD afflicted person's dream come true! I loved this book from the very beginning. Following a two chapter introduction to the commercial side of time travel are many short stories interspersed with either thought provoking or humorous anecdotes of a single page in length. From cover to cover this book is bound to at least bring a smile about. The very few stories that aren't amusing are insightful to the human psyche despite the fictional setting.

 GoodReads Early Reviewer